Tuition and Fees

CTS’ tuition and payment structures are designed to be affordable and simple to understand. Our costs are low so that we offer anyone with a real desire to study the Word of God the opportunity to do so. We do not offer federal grants or loans. The following charges, fees and tuition will be required for each Biblical Studies and Ministry programs. Cost for the Christian Counseling program is separate and listed below. Cost will be defined again in each program area. Fees are subject to change at any time. All fees are payable in US Dollars:

Administration Fees

Application Fee $100.00 – one time charge
Tuition – Associate
Tuition – Bachelor
Awarded Credit
$85.00 per credit hour
$95.00 per credit hour
$30.00 per credit hour
Tuition – Masters $109.33 per credit hour
Tuition – Doctorate $120.67 per credit hour
Graduation Fees $100.00
Official Transcript $15.00
Study Guide $15.00
Evaluation Fee $100.00 (As necessary)
Testing Fee $300.00 (As necessary)
Life Learning Experience Portfolio (LLEP) $300
Thesis Fee $600
Dissertation Fee $700



Phase I and II Mandatory Courses, Tuition $395 per course
Phase III Advanced courses, Tuition $358 per course
APS Reports $33 per report
Thesis or Dissertation $400
Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling dues $75 (when applicable)
First year’s N.C.C.A. dues $50 (optional)
N.C.C.A. License fee $100 (optional)

ITS Church History and MDiv Programs

Text Books and Lab Materials

Students will be required to procure their own textbooks and materials required for each course of their assigned curriculum which will require outside reading and research. Books will be available from the CTS Online Bookstore which is operated by as as an Affiliate Partner. Shipping and handling fees of $25.00 will be applied to each course where it is necessary to send core materials to students when email attachments are not practical.

International Students

Will subsequently be billed for actual shipping and handling expenses. Some programs may be discouraged for students in foreign lands because of new international shipping regulations and the attendent high costs.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy for any of the programs at CTS. The general policy is to pay for a course, one at a time. The application fee is non refundable as well.