Master of Biblical Studies

Master of Biblical Studies Degree Program Description – Affordable, Low Cost

The Master of Biblical Studies Program (MBS) is 36 semester hours in length and provides a Biblical foundation of study for individuals so that they may more ably understand the Word.

Each student will be assigned a mentor to help him or her throughout the program.

A thesis may be substituted with two (2) additional courses.

Costs: Tuition: Approx. $3936, Study Guide: $15, Thesis: $600, Text Books: As required.

Approx. Total Cost w/o Books: $3936.


Degree Courses

1 ) GBTH 520 The Holy Spirit

2 ) GBOT 510 The Life of Moses

3 ) GBNT 550 The Reign of Grace

4 ) GADM 522 Principles of Leadership

5 ) GBNT 520 New Testament Survey III

6 ) GBOT 540 The Psalms Book One

7 ) GBTH 542 The Gifts of the Spirit

8 ) GBTH 532 The Believer’s Anointing

9 ) GBTH 553 Spiritual Warfare III

10 ) GMIS 560 Religions of the World


GBTH 520 The Holy Spirit

This course in pneumatology defines the works and teachings of the Holy Spirit in relationship to the Messianic Kingdom of God. The course defines the Trinity, the personality of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit‘s works in the Old Testament, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the Nine Spiritual Gifts.

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GBOT 510 The Life of Moses

This course is a detailed look at the life of Moses. It teaches of his early life and his burning bush experience. It outlines God’s will for the Israeli people and the giving of the Torah. Other topics of this course include: Pharaoh’s attempt at compromise, Handling discouragement, the Red Sea Experience, overcoming bitterness and following instructions.

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GBNT 550 The Reign of Grace

This course identifies grace from an Old and a New Testament perspective. It describe being under the Law and slaves to sin and freedom that is found in Messiah. Other topics found in this course are: Slaves to Righteousness, Doctrine of Emptiness, Walking in the Spirit, the eternal plan of God and being Super-conquerors.

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GADM 522 Principles of Leadership

This course emphasizes the need for leadership in the ministry. It discusses how to be proactive for the Gospel. Being a team player is one of the strongest topics of this course. To be a team player one must: Be adaptable, have commitment, be able to communicate and be disciplined.

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GBNT 520 New Testament Survey III

This course gives an overall survey of Galatians through the Book of Revelations. Each book is outlined and discusses the overall message of the book. It gives vital historical information to help the student create a timeline of events to aid in understanding the Bible better.

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GBOT 540 The Psalms Book One

This course gives a detailed view of Psalms one through Psalms forty-two. It discusses the thoughts and methods used by the psalmist as well as the timeless meanings of the texts. It gives a modern perspective on the psalms from the historical past.

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GBTH 542 The Gifts of the Spirit

This course deals specifically with the Gifts of the Spirit. It defines each one separately and talks of its workings and how it applies to the church today. It also tells of the Gifts, when look at as a whole, bring into manifestation the Kingdom of God.

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GBTH 532 The Believer’s Anointing

This course discusses the five anointings; The Prophet, The Priest, The King, The Leper and The Messianic. It gives the characteristics of each anointing and gives the overall view of how the first four are a culmination in the Messianic Anointing.

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GBTH 553 Spiritual Warfare III

This course deals with overcoming conflict that is caused by the demonic realm. It gives us information on how Jesus dealt with demons, How our decisions can be a form of warfare, Spiritual Management, Mind Management and Weapons of our Warfare.

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GMIS 560 Religions of the World

This course is a comprehensive study of world religions including false cults in comparison to Christianity. It discusses the aspects of Secular Religions and Non-Christian Religions. The formation of cults and the occult are discussed in detail to give the Believer information on how to recognize that which strays from the Christian faith.

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